Bronze Membership $27.50 P/M ($324 P/A or upfront $300)


  • Access to Facebook Group Features and Benefits. Mini-courses online: How to manage a budget
  • Monthly interview/podcast let’s talk nlp
  • Mini-courses online: How to manage a budget monthly interview/podcast let’s talk nlp


This “feel good” level of membership will keep your mind on track to focus on improving your overall well being. The aim is to help you to feel better every day and give you something to focus on every day. We will bring mindfulness to you, all you have to do is visit the group every day and read, your unconscious mind will grab the information and take what it needs to Make you feel better and better every day, a step forward. You will receive enough value from the group to be able to build rapport and have topics of conversation to use comfortably and easily with everyone you meet. There will always be someone in the group ready to support you, and every post you place will be answered by admin before anyone else can. You matter and your well being is important to us.

Weekly mindfulness activity to focus on every day to train your brain to think positive. Invitations to join exclusive trainings at discounted prices Access to Blogs/interviews with other Mindfulness Coaches mini micro training videos (rapport/ problem solving etc) Quotes to ponder and discussion threads Every month you stay a member you unlock a Monthly meditations Opportunity to have specific questions answered in group Surrounded by people who are on a journey of wellness


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