Recycle Your Day Hardback Book


Have you ever had a day where things go wrong, and later when it’s time for bed you can’t go to sleep.
You toss and turn and think about what happened and what will happen tomorrow?

If ever you have had a day like that you will know that those days are not fun and those nights are even worse.
This must-have book will show you and your loved ones how to recycle your day so you can see your problems in different ways. It will teach you how to solve them so you can go to sleep with a plan to start every tomorrow with a smile.

  • Start conversations and keep them going
  • Introduce kind and understanding behaviour
  • Encourage positive caring communication
  • Foster self confidence and emotional wellbeing
  • Promote awareness of negative behaviour and provide alternatives
  • Encourage a thoughtful and respectful culture at school and home
  • Provide a framework to make it easier to have difficult conversations
  • Teach problem solving skills that will last a lifetime – Lateral Thinking: Negotiation: Problem Investigation: Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) EQ, Stress Management



This is a book for Parents, Teachers, Carers, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Child Psychologists, Librarians. Anyone with a coffee table, a bookcase or a waiting room.
This is a lovely story with a real life happy ending and emotional learnings that will lock into your sub-conscous mind to become automatic responses in the future.
When you read this book with any child who has a problem, or with a child who is affected by another child with a problem (which means they have a problem), not only will they find space within this book to find an answer, and understand the problem with a little more clarity, but so will you find space to resolve and understand your own problems too.

The Magic of this book is that it can be read as a rhyming story to a young child, together as a reading book with your Pre- or Primary Schooler, or as a ‘read alone” book for older children. So recommended from ages 4 to 104.

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