Winning Medal, 2 lapel pins and 5 wrist bands


  • Elevate your school spirit game with our ultimate school package! Includes a stunning winning medal, two chic lapel pins, and five fashionable wrist bands.
  • Celebrate your achievements in style with our high-quality metal winning medal. Accessorize your outfits with our two lapel pins featuring our recycle your day logo. Show off your spirit with our five trendy wrist bands, made from high-quality silicone Perfect for sports games, rallies, and other school events.
  • But wait, there’s more! This package is best when purchased with our “Recycle Your Day” book.
  • “Recycle Your Day” is a children’s book that promotes problem-solving and emotional resilience.
  • The book is full of fun and engaging activities that help children build essential life skills. It’s the perfect complement to our school package and helps kids develop the tools they need to face challenges and overcome obstacles.
  • Get your school package and “Recycle Your Day” book today and set your child up for success!


Get ready to show off your school spirit with our ultimate school package! This package includes a winning medal, two stylish lapel pins, and five trendy wrist bands, all designed with your school’s colors and logo.

First, our stunning winning medal is perfect for any student who wants to celebrate their achievements in style! With its high-quality metal design and vibrant ribbon, this medal is sure to turn heads and let everyone know just how hard you’ve worked.

Next up, our two chic lapel pins are the perfect way to accessorize your favorite outfits. These pins feature recycle your day logo and are perfect for adding some flair to jackets, backpacks, and more!

Finally, our five fashionable wrist bands are the perfect finishing touch for any school spirit outfit. Made from high-quality silicone and featuring your school’s colors and logo, these wrist bands are perfect for showing off your spirit during sports games, rallies, and other school events.

Overall, our school package is the perfect way to elevate your school spirit game to the next level. Whether you’re celebrating your academic or athletic achievements or simply looking to show off your school pride, our winning medal, lapel pins, and wrist bands are sure to make a statement and turn heads. So why wait? Get your school package today and start showing off your school spirit like never before!


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