Recycle Your Day Activity Book


It’s easy to recycle problems when you have clear instructions.

Recycle Your Day, Problem Solving Workbook and Journal is an essential tool for in your family’s Emotional First Aid Kit. This unique workbook is the companion of the Children’s Self-Help story book ‘Recycle Your Day’ and will teach you and your children how to break down problems into a simple easy to manage stages that are easy to follow, and more importantly easy to learn. In no time at all the process will become a part of your natural thought process.




Recycle Your Day
Problem Solving Workbook and Journal
for Children and Their Problem Solving Coaches

The ‘4 Steps to Problem Solving Success’ process and templates are easy to understand and will start interesting conversations.

  1. Understand how the problem is a problem
  2. Learn more about the problem – what didn’t I know that will help me work it out
  3. Make a plan to change it – what can I do
  4. Check – is the problem solved? How do I know?

The first problem that we solve and recycle in this journal is the problem from our story “Recycle Your Day”. It’s a very common problem that kids experience, so we feel it’s a good example to use.

Together you will discover how the character in our story understands and solves his problem easily as he learns how to see his playground conflict from other people’s sides. Celebrate with him him as he moves from being unable to sleep with his big bin of worries, through to falling asleep calmly and excited to make amends and start afresh tomorrow.

This lovely story and recycling your problem techniques will change your future. –SG

(Don’t worry if you don’t have a copy of the book yet because there are lots of colouring sheets which explain the story throughout the journal)

When you have learned how our character solves his problem in our example, you will be ready to solve your own emotional problems and be able to regulate your emotional feelings in a positive way. In this journal there are templates that will guide you easily through the ‘4 Steps to Problem Solving Success’.

Your child can team up with a special person in their life who will become their Problem Solving Coach to help them with any problem that needs to be solved. This special person could be you, a teacher or anyone who you trust to become their confidantè.

As your children learn to solve your problems I want you to notice how many things change for them at school and at home. Perhaps some things are getting easier to do and they are becoming more comfortable to ask for help when they get ‘stuck’.

Maybe they are getting more self assured in their social activities too as they learn how to communicate their feelings more confidently. This Workbook and Journal will assist children to develop strong Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and a continual growth mindset.

Perhaps even you are finding it easier to have those awkward and scary conversations with teachers or bosses.

I can’t wait to hear all about it.


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